The learning and development industry is ever-evolving, which means traditional instructional design strategies are continuing to change. Instructional designers are now looking deeper into their projects to craft experiences that go beyond the traditional learning process. As a result, learning experience design (LxD) is quickly paving the way for designers who are looking for more creative ways to deliver learning solutions that go deeper than basic lectures and PowerPoints.

The Learning Experience Design Online Conference is your opportunity to unlock this exciting new approach to workplace learning. Discover the future of L&D and unveil the latest perspectives on design and the ripple effect that they will have on the industry as a whole.

Join The Learning Guild on June 10 and 11, and you will learn:

  • How you can identify solution opportunities that meet your learners' needs and gain critical buy-in from key stakeholders
  • How you can use powerful personas to create more relevant and impactful learning solutions
  • How progressive L&D teams are investing in vastly improved learning experiences as they design, develop, and deploy next-generation enterprise training initiatives
  • And more!

You can register for the Learning Experience Design Online Conference or get a Learning Guild Online Conference Subscription to access this and all online conferences for the next year, plus much more.

Get ahead of the curve with learning experience design today by checking out The Learning Guild’s latest research report by Jane Bozarth: Less Content, More Learner: An Overview of Learning Experience Design.