Who doesn’t like spending less? Who doesn’t like free authoring tools? As part of getting the new year off right, I have curated articles from Learning Solutions that feature information to keep the cost of eLearning down.

As a bonus, at the end of this article, there is information about a February eLearning Guild Online Conference that offers additional information from Nick Floro about low-cost and even free tools that we have not previously covered in Learning Solutions. These tools can help your solution really catch learner attention and stay with them for the long haul: tools that use your mobile device to create powerful, inexpensive video; convert media formats; turn audio to text (transcode); and convert text into lifelike speech automatically. Nick also shows how to use email and texting to keep the learning alive longer. He will even show how to use cloud-based technology to launch a recommendation engine. These are tools and methods that can raise your eLearning to a new level!

Designing and authoring eLearning

The main tool category that we have addressed in Learning Solutions has been authoring tools. Here is the list of the best.

Engaging eLearning on a Budget: Tools Roundup

High Performance, Low Cost: The Best Budget-Friendly LD Tools

Add Simple Interactivityfor FreeWith h5p

Digital Product Design Primer (Protype your eLearning: Wireframing and prototyping with Figma)

xAPI for Interactive eBooks

Back To School 2019: Your Technical Learning Plan (Learn coding for free)

2020: The Year of Learning JavaScript

9 Low-Cost Graphic Tools for Creating eLearning on a Budget

Finding and Using Free Resources With CC Search

Think different: Not your usual eLearning

Use storytelling, social tools, and apps for a sticky approach to learning.

Free Report Explores Social Tools for Learning

Using Social Tools for Learning

Use Free Interactive Storytelling Tools to Engage Learners

Tools for managers

Uncover Training ROI With Free Data Analysis Tool: Power BI

Create Data Visualizations for eLearning With 3 Free Tools

Want more?

Nick Floro will present “Sticky eLearning Tools and Technology” as part of the Making Learning Stick Online Conference February 19-20, 2020. Registration is open for Making Learning Stick!