Learning Solutions 2019 Conference & Expo holds a plethora of learning opportunities (200 to be exact!), but there are many additional learning experiences for attendees to choose from in order to boost their career growth. The two days prior to the main conference will be filled with four full-day events that dive into important topics in L&D.

Workflow Learning Summit: This event explores the enormous potential in workflow learning and why it is the most exciting opportunity learning and development has had in decades. This summit is for anyone interested in how the emergence of workflow learning is changing the world of L&D.

Management Solutions Forum: Attendees will learn with and through their peers how to overcome the biggest challenges learning leaders face today; how best to align learning solutions with the business, how to build and lead a learning team, and how to show the value of L&D efforts. This forum is for those growing into the role of L&D management, and those who recognize that effective L&D management requires continual learning in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and strategy.

xAPI Camp: This event will showcase what’s possible with Experience API (xAPI) and will be a day filled with case studies, problem solving, and networking. This event is for professionals interested in how they can accelerate their work with this transformative technology.

eLearning Foundations Bootcamp: Attendees will build the core skills needed for eLearning design and development, regardless of the tools used or the content shared. This co-located event is ideal for people new to crafting eLearning experiences.

Learning Solutions is the event that provides you with real solutions to L&D challenges you encounter today by exploring proven strategies, engagement techniques, and the latest learning technologies.