Learning Solutions 2023 just ended, and many of us are feeling those post-event blues. Even with our brains full of new ideas, it’s easy to lose momentum when returning to the daily office routine. Especially when dealing with a load of emails that went unchecked this week or thinking of the ongoing project that’s been on the back burner for the past few weeks. 

Getting back in the groove with new ideas is challenging and can feel overwhelming. That being said, we want to offer you some of our favorite tips we’ve seen help attendees over the years turn their post-conference blues into productive action plans.

Write down your next steps

Take some time to review all your notes while your ideas are still fresh in your brain. Write down your next steps, detailing the things you can do to make sure your new ideas and energy aren’t left behind. Choose which idea or takeaway you want to focus on first and brainstorm what you can do next week to help get it moving. A great way to break down your plans is using a 30-60-90 day model, using your goals as benchmarks for the next three months. 

Pick what to practice

One big goal we all have when attending a conference like Learning Solutions is building a new skill that can improve our work. Since Learning Solutions just ended, now is the ideal time to practice your new skills regularly. But how and where should you start?

Schedule some time for yourself to zero in on the topic or skill of interest. An awesome way to keep your momentum is by signing up for a webinar, downloading an eBook or research report, or even connecting with a colleague to discuss or create some experimental challenges. (The Learning Guild has a wide variety of resources for you to dig through. Plus, membership is free.) Anything that provides dedicated time to practicing your learning will help you really hone in on your skill set.

Use your sessions resources & handouts

These resources include links to session descriptions, speaker bios, and any other session materials provided to the Learning Guild by the speakers. They’re something we’re thankful to have access to, but they’re also so easily forgotten. Add some time to your calendar now so you remember to watch that recorded session you missed live or download and review that insightful slide deck. Set aside regular time intervals to dig through these resources so you can benefit from the additional value these resources provide.

Keep sharing what works

The premise of Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is to share what works in learning and development, so it makes sense to keep rolling with that theme when returning to work. Schedule some time with your colleagues or team to share all you’ve learned this past week. This can help you gain support that could bring your plans to fruition while generating enthusiasm and spreading awareness. Plus, demonstrating how you benefited from Learning Solutions can help you get approval to attend again in 2024!

Keep in touch!

Attending Learning Solutions brings more than just new ideas. Chances are you’ve made several new connections! Follow up with those you met this week and start a habit of staying in touch. Connect on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter (Twitter’s a great place to find your favorite speakers!), or use any business cards you exchanged and block some time off to send a quick email!

Save the date

Last—but not least—we’d love to see you again at Learning Solutions 2024. Mark your calendars for April 23 – 25 and meet us in Orlando, FL, for another year of exploring, learning, and sharing what works!