Through advancements in technology, methodology and proximity to marketing, user interface design, and user experience, we are seeing a powerful shift towards learning experience design, which provides a more holistic and extensive approach to organizational performance improvement.

Join us on August 3 & 4 for the Learning Experience Design Online Conference and discover how human-centered approaches to learning can refine the user experience. Tune into eight knowledge-filled sessions, each showing you how to entice and engage your learners.

Extend your learning journey by joining us for a two-day Online Workshop on August 1 & 2, from 10 AM - 1:30 PM PST, and hear from Clark Quinn, executive director of Quinnovation, who will dive into learning experience design and learning science.

Here is a look at a few of the highly anticipated sessions:

  • Is Your Microlearning Learner Centered? (And Why It Needs To Be!)
  • Building Prototypes with Collaborative Tools
  • Leveraging Personas to Craft Authentic and Compelling Scenarios
  • Don't Lose Your Learner: How to Create a Learning Journey Map to Guide Outcomes
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Register now for this online conference and get ready to expand your learning experience design skillset! If you are interested in attending this online event but are unable to attend on either August 3 & 4, register anyway and you’ll receive access to the recorded sessions and handouts after the event.

You can also get a Learning Guild Online Conference Subscription to access this and all online conferences for the next year, plus much more.