Although most L&D professionals are aware of xAPI, many have not yet implemented it. Why is this? In 2019: The State of xAPI Adoption, Megan Torrance analyzes survey data from 535 respondents in The eLearning Guild community and provides recommendations on xAPI adoption and utilization to L&D professionals and solution providers.

Although many non-adopters expressed uncertainty, xAPI adopters feel that they have overcome many organizational barriers. Torrance states, “A significantly higher percentage of adopters used experiments and prototypes than non-adopters who are looking to prepare for xAPI. This willingness and ability to give xAPI a try has leapfrogged these organizations ahead of the industry.”

However, she also found that non-adopters have security concerns about xAPI’s ability to extensively capture human actions. According to respondent feedback, there is an ethical issue in capturing detailed human performance that cannot be taken lightly, and security and privacy protection need to be a priority.

Other highlights include:

  • Current state of adoption among non-provider organizations
  • Barriers for implementation among non-adopters
  • Extensive survey methodology and results

Respondents also provided additional comments and conversation, including their concerns and frustrations, and providers shared their thoughts on the potential of xAPI and ideas for increasing adoption.

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