In 2013, The Learning Guild asked the learning community about categories related to authoring tools: PowerPoint add-ins, installed tools, and cloud-based tools. Data was also captured regarding popular add-ons at the time, which included separate interaction builders, quiz tools, and animation and video products. Since then, offerings have changed a considerable amount.

In June of 2021, The Learning Guild conducted its biannual eLearning authoring tools survey. In Authoring Tools 2021, Jane Bozarth analyzes the 808 responses received and shares how the authoring tool landscape has changed since the Guild’s 2013 report. Users were asked to share their recent experiences with different tools, which ones they prefer, and which features they are most interested in.

Highlights from the study include:

  • How important accessibility is for today’s users
  • How respondents feel about the emergence of AR and VR in regards to authoring tools
  • Which five tools are used most frequently
  • How the pandemic affected the demand of synchronous tools

Whether you’re new to the world of authoring tools or you’re looking for an upgrade to your current toolbox, this report includes great insight on which tools are most popular among today’s learning professionals. Download your free copy to learn more.

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