Are your L&D efforts at risk? How do you prove your learning solutions are effective? How are you going to keep your L&D program running through today’s challenges?

It is now more important than ever to have solid answers to these questions. Learning leaders now need to be able to quickly and clearly prove the effectiveness of their programs. Collecting, measuring, and evaluating data is crucial for communicating the impact of your learning efforts, improving your L&D program, and enhancing your ROI. Furthermore, these assessments will influence the future decisions and outcomes of the overall program.

The Measurement & Evaluation Online Conference will explore ideas, tools, and techniques for properly calculating, analyzing, and proving the effectiveness of your L&D efforts. You’ll attend eight sessions featuring industry leaders as they share practical approaches for evaluating and communicating the status of your learning solutions.

Join us on September 30 & October 1 to discover:

  • An approach for building a strong foundation for data collection
  • What data sources you have available, what is most relevant, and how to get the most out of your data
  • How xAPI can be used to capture data from the various elements of your course
  • How to craft powerful questions to reveal solid learner understanding
  • And more!

Register now for this online conference and learn new strategies for enhancing your L&D projects! If you are interested in attending this online event, but are unable to attend on either September 30 or October 1, register anyway and you’ll receive access to the recorded sessions and handouts after the event.

You can also get a Learning Guild Online Conference Subscription to access this and all online conferences for the next year, plus much more.