The learning industry has been and continues to be ever-changing. Skills that were in high demand five years ago have been replaced by new ones, and it is nearly impossible to see which competencies will be in high demand five years into the future. This raises a new question among many within the field: Is earning a higher degree worth the time? While learning new skills and making new connections through an academic program seems like a good start to a career, it could be argued that one could do exactly that by diving straight into the job market and building real-life experience.

In Degrees for L&D Professionals: What, Why, and Worth?, Jane Bozarth looks at the facts surrounding the nature of jobs within the learning industry. Based on the facts, we see general differences in salary expectations and job requirements between those within the Learning Guild community who have attained a higher degree and those who have not. Even more, we hear from individuals who have completed bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs on how their degrees have paid off on the long-run.

This report also includes:

  • Two video interviews with faculty members of well-established graduate programs on whether and why they feel academic work is important
  • An exclusive video interview with a hiring manager discussing what she is looking for in a new hire and how academic credentials fit into that
  • A breakdown of The Learning Guild based on job positions and how they correlate with salary
  • Individual responses from established learning professionals on the impact their degrees have on their careers
  • Tips for choosing the right academic program for the career your leaning toward
  • And so much more!

This report is jam-packed with useful information for anyone who is looking to begin their career in L&D or looking to attain higher education within the field. Download your free copy and gain access to exclusive video interviews and beneficial information that could help steer your career in the right direction.

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