With the pandemic shining a light on our social needs, people want to connect with each other and are craving social connection more than ever. Group membership is a great way to create social connection as it helps inform our identity in regard to others, providing a common sense of self.

If you are thinking of starting, or currently working to retool groups you’re a part of, here are some questions to think about for deciding what you want to do with your group:

  • Do you want a group with a similar broad interest like “instructional design”, or something more focused like “evidence-based practices for instructional design”?
  • Who do you want in the group?
  • What kind of content and conversation do you want? Sharing of expertise? Commiseration?
  • Where do your members live?

In this research report, Creating and Sustaining Learning Groups and Communities: A Guide for Beginners, Jane Bozarth shines light on groups, communities, communities of practice, how to orchestrate participation and membership, as well as how to nurture and sustain your groups and communities.

Download this report for free today, and discover how you can make the most of your learning groups and communities and generate participation and human connection.

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