“Why performance support, and why now?” Allison Rossett, an educator and a thought leader in improving human performance, responded to this question and others posed by Karen Hyder and Mike Sloat.

In this video, Allison discusses the factors that are making performance support an important element in business strategy.

  • Why is performance support re-emerging now?
  • Why does performance support matter to organizations?
  • Why is performance support important to training and eLearning professionals today?

And finally, Allison identifies the reasons why The eLearning Guild is the right group of people to put together the Performance Support Symposium.

Allison Rossett, long time professor of educational technology at San Diego State University, is the author of award-winning books and many articles on learning and performance support; she is also on the Guild Advisory Board. Her books, beginning with First Things Fast and Job Aids and Performance Support, have been key references in the learning and performance field for over two decades. She has been honored as a member of Training Magazine’s HRD Hall of Fame, as a Member-for-Life and recipient of the Thomas Gilbert Award from ISPI, and designation as a Legend by ASTD. Allison blogs at www.allisonrossettblog.com – a blog that should be on your regular reading list.

Allison will present the closing keynote, “Performance Support Comes of Age – but What Happens to Me and My Job?” at the Performance Support Symposium in Boston, September 13-14, 2012.

The Performance Support Symposium 2012, a new event produced by Learning Solutions Magazine, offers you an exceptional opportunity to discover how organizations can leverage investments in training and eLearning by offering employees performance support tools so they can continue to learn while they work. You are invited to join other senior learning professionals in Boston for this deep exploration of strategies, technologies, and best practices for performance support. The time for performance support is now.