“What is performance support, and why does it matter?” At mLearnCon 2012 in San Jose, Karen Hyder and Mike Sloat asked Conrad Gottfredson to explain.

This short video introduces the vital role that performance support plays in transferring learning from the classroom to performance on the job. Conrad answers five key questions:

  • How is performance support going to impact organizations?
  • How has performance support changed over the years?
  • Why is performance support important to eLearning and training professionals today?
  • Isn’t looking things up on the Internet the same thing as performance support?
  • What will you be presenting at the Performance Support Symposium?

Conrad Gottfredson has 30 years of experience helping organizations in leadership development, organizational learning, instructional design, knowledge management, and content development methods. He holds a Ph.D. in instructional psychology and technology. His consulting work has helped governments, non-profits, and multi-national organizations wisely employ emerging technologies and methodologies to help people achieve personal and organizational goals.

Conrad has pioneered methodologies for developing and delivering learning-at-the-moment-of-need to those who need it, when they need it, in the language and form they require, from a single source of content. His unique collaborative consulting style has helped him develop simple, practical solutions to the common challenges facing organizations at all levels.

The Performance Support Symposium 2012, a new event produced by Learning Solutions Magazine, offers you an exceptional opportunity to discover how organizations can leverage investments in training and eLearning by offering employees performance support tools so they can continue to learn while they work. You are invited to join other senior learning professionals in Boston for this deep exploration of strategies, technologies, and best practices for performance support. The time for performance support is now.