Learning Solutions 2019 Conference & Expo is the place where you will get real solutions to create strategies, increase engagement, and leverage technologies within the realm of learning and development.

Here are the top 8 reasons for you to attend this year:

  1. Learning Solutions 2019 is the place to uncover what works in L&D. You will be joining experts that have faced the same challenges you have, and they are eager to share the solutions they’ve discovered with you.
  2. Dive into a diverse program, where you will discover new trends, strategies, and technologies. With more than 175 sessions, 12 workshops, and four co-located events, you’ll definitely encounter the topics that best fit your needs to grow in your work.
  3. Networking, networking, networking! Meet your online network in person and make connections you can keep in contact with after the event.
  4. Chat with the innovators of learning tools, technologies, and solutions at the Expo. This will be your chance to uncover what is working in L&D, and where you’ll discover perfect solutions to challenges you’re facing today!
  5. Get inspired with our refreshing lineup of keynote speakers, providing you with relevant stories of creativity, storytelling, and design.
  6. Participate in the attendee-favorite activity, DemoFest, where you’ll discuss eLearning projects with the conference attendees who made them.
  7. Bring back fresh, new ideas to your workplace. Learning Solutions will stay with you much longer than the three days in Orlando, because you’ll be able to apply everything you’ve learned into your work at home.
  8. Enjoy your time in sunny Orlando! Spring will have just sprung. There’s no better way to welcome a new season than getting fresh and innovative ideas.

We can’t wait to see you at Learning Solutions 2019 this March!