The Learning Solutions 2019 Expo serves as the opportune time for you to check out leading learning technologies, tools, products, and services—all conveniently under one roof. With a free Expo+ pass, you can reap all these benefits:

  1. Get face-to-face with new tools, techniques, and services you can bring back to your work. Searching for the right learning solutions online is much more difficult than seeing it in-person and interacting with various software right then and there.
  2. Network with 1,700+ practitioners, whether that be the dozens of leading suppliers, or the hundreds of attendees all looking for the same solutions you are. DemoFest provides you with an invaluable opportunity to network with your peers that have built and implemented amazing projects—and they’re all excited to share their work with you in a science fair setting.
  3. Discover the latest and greatest ideas and strategies that you can apply to your job. Throughout 37 free sessions across three learning stages, you will explore best practices, hottest topics, and the most innovative new ideas in learning.
  4. Explore virtual reality in the VR Learning Lab. Get hands-on with the leading virtual reality platforms and the hottest applications with immense potential for learning and development.

Most importantly—have fun! The Learning Solutions 2019 Expo is your chance to explore new exciting things that are happening in the learning industry. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate your first day at the event with the Expo Reception, where you can connect with conference speakers, colleagues, and suppliers over drinks and appetizers.