Learning Solutions 2023 Conference & Expo is coming to Orlando next week! Pre-conference workshops, certificate programs, and the Learning Leaders Forum are kicking off on April 10 & 11, and the full conference, which includes 120+ sessions, four keynotes, the Instructional Design Summit, DemoFest, and the Expo, is taking place on April 12 – 14. 

To help prepare for the event, we want to share some steps you could take to get more out of your Learning Solutions experience.

STEP 1: Find Your Purpose, Set Your Goals

Ask yourself:

Why are you attending Learning Solutions? 

Are you looking for new design inspiration for training courses? 

Or maybe you’re looking for ways to better grip the attention of your learners? 

No matter your purpose, coming up with a clear objective can make organizing your conference agenda much, much easier.

Once you’ve identified your purpose, start thinking of your main goal. What do you hope to take away from the sessions you attend? What strategies, skills, or tools are you hoping to bring back to work?

STEP 2: Start Planning Your Schedule

Which sessions are you attending? There are over 120+ sessions on the main conference program, 25 in the Instructional Design Summit, plus an additional 20 taking place in the Expo. That’s a lot of sessions to choose from. Here are a few pointers to help you narrow your search for the sessions you need:

  • Session times may overlap. When looking through each session block, think about the topics, activities, and discussions that you find the most relevant to your purpose and goals.
  • Share your schedule with your peers. This is especially useful when attending with a group. That way, you and your team can divide, conquer, and really get the most information possible to support your work moving forward.

STEP 3: Plan a Retrospective Meeting

The conference has ended, and your brain is fueled with fresh, new ideas. What now?

Meet with your team and continue #SharingWhatWorks! Plan a retrospective meeting with your colleagues and demonstrate your new strategies, tools, and any other notable takeaways. You might even have some session materials or Expo swag that you can pass around, too!

Still need to secure your spot? There is still time to either register for the full conference or sign up for a free Expo+ Pass! Act fast—online registration closes Friday, April 7!