LAS VEGAS Oct. 25, 2017GlobalEnglish, the leader in technology-empowered Business English learning experiences, today at DevLearn 2017 announced a new learning experience with the launch of their mobile app, GlobalEnglish Reach.

“GlobalEnglish Reach is a significant update, not only to our mobile capabilities, but to our core technology to deliver an innovative adaptive approach to business English learning,” said Karine Allouche Salanon, CEO of GlobalEnglish. “Reach, in combination with our platform, GlobalEnglish One, will transform our learning experiences, powered by a combination of machine learning and human guidance and coaching. We extend the best curriculum in the market with engaging experiences designed to at help people improve productivity and participate more effectively in the global conversation.”

GlobalEnglish Reach represents a disruptive force for the GlobalEnglish business and how it teaches business English to millions of learners across the globe. Reach creates an entirely new, skilled-based approach designed for personalized daily microlearning missions, available anytime and anywhere to complement the proven structured learning applications that continue to serve hundreds of thousands of learners around the world.

GlobalEnglish Reach initially features more than 1,000 missions covering a wide range of business skills, including:

  • Managing people and projects
  • Workplace conversations
  • Participating in meetings
  • Leading a meeting
  • Business presentations
  • Professional presence and influence

The app introduces GlobalEnglish Recommendation Engine (GERE), which will deliver personalized experiences that meet a learner’s immediate needs for knowledge and vocabulary.

The GlobalEnglish Reach app, available on Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play, includes a shared profile and common log-in with the GlobalEnglish One web-based platform. Time spent on the app, and mission-completion information, will be reported to the One Dashboard as a new learning analytics component driving learners acquisition of knowledge, understanding, recognition and the abilities to use and write business English.

Salanon noted, “What we’ve learned from developing GlobalEnglish Reach is already influencing how we reimagine GlobalEnglish One, our core platform. The future of teaching business English communication skills will reap the benefits of data-driven analysis, coupled with the human element, to enhance and empower the learning experience of today and tomorrow.”

The GlobalEnglish Reach beta program will run through the end of 2017. Current GlobalEnglish customers can download the GlobalEnglish Reach app starting next month.

About GlobalEnglish

Since 1997, GlobalEnglish has delivered business English language learning solutions to organizations across the globe. The company’s unique combination of technology, personal coaching, context-driven learning, and engaging content uniquely positions GlobalEnglish to elevate the global conversation. The company’s unique blend of software helps organizations better co-operate, collaborate, and innovate by giving every global worker the ability to contribute. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, GlobalEnglish employs more than 160 individuals worldwide. For more information, visit