PitchVantage, a leading developer of immersive presentation training software, has announced the release of its new presentation training solution.

“We are thrilled to enable our partners to improve training continuity, follow-up, and retention with our solution,” says Anindya Gupta, founder and CEO of PitchVantage. “Our technology makes personalized feedback on presentation skills accessible to anyone, anytime.”

Designed to run on a laptop, PitchVantage lets users practice presentations in front of a virtual audience and receive instant assessment and feedback on 10 elements of presentation delivery, including pace, eye contact, and tone. After the presentation, trainees can review their videos while the software shows them exactly what parts of the presentation they need to improve. Users also have access to engaging video lessons covering every aspect of presentation skills. Since the PitchVantage software is connected to the cloud, organizations can easily monitor employee progress and performance.

PitchVantage will showcase the new software at FocusOn Learning 2017 Conference & Expo, June 20 – 22 in San Diego, California. You can find PitchVantage at Booth 406.

About PitchVantage

PitchVantage is changing presentation training through technology. The company creates software that helps develop great presenters and build future leaders. To learn more about PitchVantage, visit PitchVantage.com.