Since the US launch of Xprtise earlier this year, Xprtise consultants have been working with clients to take on their most pressing business challenges with targeted learning solutions delivered in the workflow. They have partnered with airline, construction, supply chain, financial services, and retail organizations, addressing critical needs like operations improvement, compliance, safety, risk management, and sales and marketing excellence.

“Our clients have been responding well to our approach, starting with a detailed analysis before we talk about designs and solutions,” said Greg Groce, chief sales officer at Xprtise. “They appreciate that we look to move the needle on performance.”

Xprtise’s approach relies on a rigorous needs analysis to identify and prioritize the critical knowledge and skills needed to improve performance. By focusing on the application of knowledge, these solutions are most often delivered in the workflow where they have the most impact.

“Event-based learning solutions like instructor-led training and eLearning don’t live in the context of work,” said John Deligiannis, principal consultant. “They really need to exist close to the moment when they are needed, on the job, in the workflow.”

Most often, Xprtise is deploying performance support and adaptive learning solutions to address these critical skills in the workflow. Through the performance support technology solutions, users are able to immediately find the content they need to apply on the job. The solutions are designed to be accessed in the context of everyday work, across systems and processes—users pull what they need from across the organization’s resources and utilize it immediately as they work.

By using Xprtise’s adaptive learning solutions, organizations have been able to more effectively certify that their people have their most critical knowledge top of mind. The technology learns the individual users’ knowledge level through a question-based interactive approach, and with adaptive and smart repetition, ensures knowledge competency. In addition, it predicts the future forgetting curve for each user and proactively alerts them to refresh their knowledge at the right time. Both solutions have been shown to have significant impact in reducing classroom training time (up to 40 percent) and increasing knowledge performance (up to 10 percent).

Xprtise is an exhibitor at DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, November 16 – 18. During the conference, Xprtise representatives will meet with current and prospective clients and showcase their solutions and technologies. Organizations looking to ensure a meaningful discussion with the consultants on how to address their greatest challenges are encouraged to schedule a block of time in advance. You can find Xprtise at Booth 131.

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