The eLearning Guild recently announced that Realities360 will be moving to Orlando, Florida, and will be co-located with its sister event, Learning Solutions, on March 31 – April 2, 2020.

Realities360 is the premier AR/VR event for training and education. This conference is prime for individuals and organizations looking to harness the potential of virtual and augmented reality in the context of education and training.

Learning Solutions focuses on sharing what works in learning and development, and is ideal for individuals looking to explore practical solutions, case studies, creative strategies, development tools, and tips and techniques that they can use right away.

Together, Learning Solutions and Realities360 will be a mega event showcasing how AR and VR are making a huge impact on L&D today, as well as diving into what works in L&D on a more expansive scale.

Attendees of either event will have access to both the AR/VR-focused sessions from Realities360, and the broader L&D sessions that Learning Solutions will cover. By bringing these events and sessions together, the eLearning industry will be able to discover even further how AR and VR are being utilized in the L&D landscape, as well as finding solutions to challenges in our industry.

We hope to see you there next spring!