DemoFest has been a feature of DevLearn and other eLearning Guild events for years. It provides a venue for practitioners, students, and vendors to show their best work. It also provides an opportunity for event participants and the creators of those works to engage in dialogue about design, development, and tools. Demonstrations are chosen by the Guild’s onsite learning event managers from among a large number of applications.

DemoFest at DevLearn 2019

This year’s DevLearn DemoFest included 100 demonstrations and their creators. The event was open to DevLearn attendees, who voted on the demonstrations in a dozen categories. The winning demonstrations and their categories appear in the table at the end of this article.

The Best of DemoFest 2019 webinar

In order to give exposure to the best demonstrations, The eLearning Guild has invited all of the DevLearn 2019 DemoFest winners to show their work in a free webinar at 10 am Pacific Time on November 20, 2019; however, their individual participation in the event depends on their availability. Register today for the webinar! (The webinar will be recorded, but it's better if you can attend the live demonstrations).


Project Title

Presenters and Organizations

Best of Show: Vendor

eLearning Mini Games for Building Literacy Skills


Stephen Baer

The Game Agency

Best of Show: Non-vendor

Enterprise Security Mystery Video Series


Jennifer Canelas, Sara Pretti

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Best Academic Solution

Medical Animations and Interactive Diagrams in Storyline


Diane Elkins

Artisan Learning

Best Alternative Solution

Using Immersive Learning to Promote Electronic Vehicle Use


Dwain Starks

OGE Energy Company

Best Business Process Solution

The Fallout Podcast Fraud & Corruption Module


Cath Ellis

Cath Ellis Learning Design

Best Game-Based Solution

Using a Digital Escape Room to Build Product Knowledge


Joseph Vajda, Elaine Ramirez


Best Immersive Solution

Using AR for Manufacturing Machine Training and Support


Jack Wychor, Andi Lassiter

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Best Mobile Solution

Escape Room Apps for Onboarding


Tracey Stokely, Mia White


Best Onboarding/Employee Orientation Solution

Gamified Multi-device Onboarding Program


Rose Benedicks,Tabitha Joyner

LEO Learning

Best Soft Skills Solution

Interactive Video for Sales Relationship Building


Dan Keckan

Cinecraft Productions

Best Student Solution

Engaging History Through Mobile AR


Tyler Specht

Bloomsbury University, MSIT Student


Best Video Solution

Using xAPI Outside of an LMS to Analyze Learning Behaviors


David Kerschbaum, Andrew McGuire