ApprenNet, the signature video learning platform used by companies, higher education institutions, and health care systems to scale skill development and authentic assessment, announces the coming release of its full learner mobile interface. Along with improved, simple-to-navigate functionality for mobile learners, ApprenNet’s mobile enhancements also include significant pedagogical upgrades around its patented multi-step learning method: frequent practice, peer assessment, self-reflection, and coaching. The core mobile upgrades offer self-assessment, peer review, and self-reflection tools; social tools that augment commenting on model videos and general discussion; and reporting and analytics.

“People are increasingly on the go, and our new technology will allow learners to access learning whenever and wherever is most convenient for them,” said Emily Foote, co-founder of ApprenNet.

At the moment, ApprenNet’s mobile capabilities allow learners, on Android or iOS, to watch a role-play prompt, practice their responses, and easily record and submit their submissions. The future mobile app, which will be previewed at FocusOn Learning 2016, will allow learners to engage in peer review, self-reflect, access reporting and analytics on their submissions, and interact with peers and instructors about the particular skill or competency the exercise is helping learners develop.

“Since ApprenNet launched in 2011, we have focused on making our solution not only pedagogically sound but also easy to use,” said Foote. “The new mobile interface is another demonstration of how we approach learning as an environment and an experience aimed to seamlessly engage and inspire our learners.”

FocusOn Learning attendees can visit ApprenNet at DemoFest, at the FocusOn Learning Expo, or at one of the company’s two presentations—Leveraging Mobile and Video to Scale Effective Learning on Wednesday, June 8, at 1:00 PM, and Upskilling: All I Need Is My Phone on Friday, June 10, at 10:00 AM—and see a preview of its new mobile interface.

About ApprenNet

With offices in Philadelphia and San Francisco, ApprenNet offers a multi-step video learning platform that was developed through consecutive National Science Foundation research grants aimed at scaling training and skill development. Created by teachers and based on a patented pedagogical design, ApprenNet helps learners develop and hone their skills by using video to facilitate the key components of effective face-to-face instruction: deliberate practice, peer interactivity, self-reflection, and coaching. ApprenNet is used by Fortune 50 companies, leading higher education institutions, and prominent hospitals and health care systems to make learning more efficient, effective, and engaging. Learn more at