Mobile Coach, a fast-growing startup in the “Silicon Slopes” tech hub of central Utah, announced that for the first time Mobile Coach clients will be able to create and manage their own bots via the Mobile Coach platform. The Mobile Coach platform is the world’s first enterprise-level authoring tool for designing automated, interactive bots and their accompanying messaging campaigns.

This will allow professionals to:

  • Author text message campaigns to facilitate training reinforcement
  • Design logic, timing, responses, and data capture as elements of their campaigns
  • Learn the best practices of script writing to optimize user engagement
  • Join a community of other learning professionals creating innovative bots to reinforce learning and influence behavior

“We are excited to make this announcement, as it will allow clients more freedom to design on our platform than ever before,” said Vince Han, founder and CEO of Mobile Coach. “We’ve seen with our clients across the board how incredibly effective text messaging can be. Now any company can author its own campaigns and achieve the high engagement and response rates that come with text messages.”

Mobile Coach’s flagship product is an adaptive, personalized SMS messaging platform that creates interactive campaigns, or “coaches.” A coach is a virtual personality that engages with users over a set period of time to remind, motivate, create accountability, and reinforce knowledge. A key component of the Mobile Coach campaigns is the ability to offer timely, individualized feedback to thousands of users simultaneously. Mobile Coach reporting then allows clients to make important, well-informed decisions using data from the campaigns.

The Mobile Coach technology has found practical application in many industries, from health care and finance to technology and consulting. Mobile Coach’s clients include many Fortune 500 and other internationally renowned corporations.

About Mobile Coach

Mobile Coach was founded in 2013 with the mission of using web and mobile technology to influence individuals and organizations for good. It was founded by CEO Vince Han and is privately held in Provo, Utah. Learn more at