AdaptiveU, an eLearning solution provider, will be one of the exhibitors at Learning Solutions 2016, March 16 – 18, in Orlando, Florida. The AdaptiveU platform is tailored to the current generation of learner needs and can be a springboard for newcomers to a team aiding in development as individuals progress in their respective roles. For startups, it is a cost-effective solution to get your employees up and running in no time. This environment supports the process of onboarding, by means of unique courses in the form of videos, quizzes, presentations, and useful Web links.

The AdaptiveU platform is highly trackable and scalable, helping in the monitoring of employees. In order to support competitiveness, employees who successfully complete challenges in the platform can be rewarded with points. Additionally, AdaptiveU includes a feature to set up an in-house store, where points earned can be redeemed for real-time offerings from your organization.

Visit AdaptiveU at booth #600 at the Learning Solutions Expo to learn more about getting an affordable employee-training solution for your company and have questions answered from the product developers.