ANCILE Solutions, the global leader in software adoption solutions chosen by more than 4,400 organizations and more than half of the Fortune 100, will be announcing new product capabilities for both ANCILE uPerform and ANCILE uGuide at Learning Solutions 2016, March 16 – 18, in Orlando, Florida.

ANCILE uPerform is an authoring and content management solution that delivers targeted, high-quality learning and performance support content to employees. ANCILE uPerform allows subject matter experts to quickly and easily create, edit, and publish procedures, simulations, and eLearning, and deploy the content to the workforce via online, context-sensitive help. Content created with ANCILE uPerform helps organizations drive adoption and mastery of critical business applications.

ANCILE is announcing a new subscription offering that delivers the ANCLE uPerform product functionality in the cloud. This delivery model complements the existing ANCILE uPerform perpetual license model, available on-premises or hosted by ANCILE.

ANCILE uGuide is a cloud-based solution designed to create and deliver in-application, step-by-step guidance to accelerate and maximize end user software adoption of web-based applications. Using ANCILE uGuide, authors create and deliver in-application, context-sensitive guidance for an organization’s critical software investments.

ANCILE is also introducing new analytics capability within ANCILE uGuide. These analytics give application administrators meaningful insights into user interactions with guidance content to help ensure users are on the road to adoption. Using ANCILE uGuide analytics, organizations can evaluate the value of guidance provided based on the number of guidance requests. With these powerful insights, ANCILE uGuide enables organizations to realize the full potential of technology investments.

In addition to showcasing these new features at the Learning Solutions Expo, ANCILE will be presenting Learning on Demand: In the Cloud and at the Fingertips on the Technology Solutions Stage, Wednesday, March 16, at 12:00 PM.

About ANCILE Solutions

ANCILE provides solutions that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their technology investments by creating, delivering, and sustaining moments of understanding that drive user adoption across the entire software lifecycle. ANCILE’s award-winning solutions, including ANCILE uPerform, ANCILE uAlign, and ANCILE uGuide, have been chosen by over 19 million users and more than 4,400 customers across the globe, including half of the Fortune 100. Learn more at