Origin Learning Solutions introduced its next-generation social learning and analytics platform, Konnect, in 2015 to widen the scope of learning and overcome the limitations of traditional LMS architecture. Since then, the company has been expanding the length and breadth of the product’s capabilities to keep abreast of emerging technologies to facilitate the evolving needs of learners in the current digital age. Origin Konnect provides data-driven insights about learners leveraging the power of Big Data.

Origin Konnect fosters collaborative learning and engagement within organizations. Above all, it provides a liberating experience when it comes to learning. It enables organizations to embrace the culture of learning in an easy and engaged manner. As one example, the successful implementation of Origin Konnect in a luxury retail environment has brought awards for excellence in social learning. The learning interface includes features that accentuate the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Speed of access
  • Seamless experience across varied modules
  • Real-time analytics on learner persona and behavior

Origin Konnect makes learning predictive by unobtrusive tracking of a learner’s behavior. The social analytics engine (operating through a spherical approach) in the latest version simplifies interpretation of data gathered through peer-to-peer interaction and informal learning. The embedded innovative reporting algorithm monitors a user’s activity in the system and assigns unique metrics to track learning experiences.

A complete cloud-hosted solution, Origin Konnect offers secure access to separate instances for each organization. The simple, easy-to-use design is devoid of complex installation or versioning procedures. It is available for Android and iOS users, giving learners flexibility when it comes to their choice of devices.

Commenting on the features and enhanced user experience, Origin’s CEO MD Harikumar said, “Learning has to be immediate, immersive, relevant, and accessible anytime and anywhere. So, Origin Konnect is a device-agnostic solution combining the best of social, analytics, and learning to provide a futuristic learning experience. Our system can support a wide variety of course formats including SCORM, AICC, and xAPI (Tin Can). Android and iOS users can now meet their requirements when it comes to learning given that the product is effective on both operating systems. Konnect provides an amalgamation of flavors, when it comes to learning.”

To summarize key highlights, Origin Konnect:

  • Fosters a culture of learning and collaboration, and creates a community of learners
  • Engages and empowers millennial workforce with an intuitive user interface
  • Assesses talent and designs a personalized learning path for professional development and succession planning
  • Provides ubiquitous access to learning content by leveraging the power of cloud, social, and mobile capabilities
  • Improves and optimizes performance across an organization through actionable analytics

Visitors to Learning Solutions 2016 can stop by booth #218 to view a demonstration on Origin Konnect.

About Origin Learning

Origin Learning offers innovative learning solutions, products, and services to large- and medium-sized enterprises globally. The company’s technology-centric learning solutions are designed with effective instructional strategies to deliver a powerful and engaging experience across varied training delivery models and platforms. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia (US) and development facilities in Chennai and Bengaluru (India), Origin brings the global delivery model with the right mix of onsite/offshore/hybrid customized for client needs. The company’s growing clientele includes Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries and markets. Learn more at originlearning.com.