IQStrategix today announced the release of its revolutionary v2.0 flagship knowledge computing technology called IQX Cloud. The IQX Cloud SaaS platform leverages organizational knowledge by delivering highly integrated who, what, when, where, and how-much information, and how, why, and what-if knowledge on-demand. Based on a theory-based semantic approach, human brain/mind concepts are explicitly modeled and used to faithfully represent organizational structures, processes, functions, and tasks, to include the “how we do it here” knowledge in the minds of employees, consultants, and suppliers.

IQX Cloud’s unique 360° user experience is intuitive. The IQ Browser component engages users while they use, learn, explore, and discover insights and understanding about their jobs and how their work impacts others across departmental silos and functions. Content is displayed in relevant context rich views that convey meaning and purpose well beyond the capacity of conventional structured technologies. In short, eLearning is wrapped around real-world knowledge and information, with analytics, and delivered on-demand during “the heat of battle.”

After only two weeks of training, knowledge engineers, business analysts, project managers, instructional designers, trainers, educators, software developers, and entrepreneurs can use the IQX Cloud to model highly complex knowledge domains faster, at far less cost, than conventional technologies.

IQStrategix’ management anticipates that the eLearning industry will naturally gravitate to IQX Cloud to solve their most challenging training problems, whether those occur within a single location or across the globe.

About IQStrategix

Headquartered in Marine City, Michigan, IQStrategix is one of the nation's leading eLearning technology companies, and the only eLearning company that has developed its technology on theory-based semantics. Learn more at