No matter how distinguished your SME or appealing your design, if your learners aren’t engaged, your eLearning isn’t likely to be successful. With that in mind, The eLearning Guild has compiled tips from 39 of the top minds in the business, many of them speakers at Learnings Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo and the co-located Learning & Performance Ecosystem Conference, for their best ways to increase learner engagement.

The resulting eBook, Engagement That Works: Tips from Learning Solutions Thought Leaders, contains solid best practices and fresh advice that can change how you think about eLearning. From simple adjustments like changing statements into questions that challenge learners to participate to the need to avoid overwhelming learners with eye candy, these tips will help your eLearning make an impact.

The best of today’s thoughts on engagement

The contributors to the eBook offer tips ranging from short, simple fixes to reframing the way you think about engagement.

Learn from:

  • Cammy Bean on Forming a Partnership with the Participant’s Manager
  • Sean Bengry on ID Solutions 
  • Peter Berking on the Psychology of Recording
  • Nick Bird on Personalization, Understanding Tech Capabilities, and More
  • Alicia Blitz on the Creative Process
  • Jane Bozarth on Participation
  • Daniel Brigham on Revising Bad eLearning Scripts
  • Robin Castellanos on Conversational eLearning Scripts
  • Chip Cleary on the Value of Tracking Post-training Engagement
  • Melissa DeJesus on Purposeful Engagement
  • James Goldsmith on Challenging Participants
  • Manish Gupta on Effective Learning Exercises, Interactive Images, and More
  • Johnny Hamilton on Stakeholder Understanding, Making Infographics Stickier, and More
  • Jennifer Hofman on the Virtual Classroom
  • Anita Horsely on Successful ID
  • Andrew Hughes on Games and Gamification
  • Nishan Joomun on Game-based Learning
  • David Le Page on Self-development Capability and Reverse Coaching
  • Jamie Liske on Designing Performance-oriented Learning
  • Erin Long and Sing Wong on Providing Meaningful Content
  • Jean Marrapodi on Assessment
  • Ellen Murphy on Connecting with Virtual Students Using Pre-course Surveys
  • James Phillips on Script Checks, Compliance Lessons, and the Value of Smartphones
  • Gus Prestera on Creating a Thriving Ecosystem
  • Clark Quinn on SMEs, Supporting Learning, and More
  • Karin Rex on Aiming for Concurrent Collaboration
  • Ann Rollins on Creating Cohorts, Thinking Outside PowerPoint, and More
  • Charlene X. Rousseau on Applying Micro-reinforcement Training
  • Lou Russell on Emotional Intelligence, Delivery Modes, and More
  • Alex Salas on Knowledge Transfer and the Overuse of ILT
  • Steve Sieberts on Using Virtual Video Studios in eLearning
  • Nina Talley on Live Training Best Practices
  • Sarah Thompson on How Brains Learn
  • Kevin Thorn on Planning, Practice, and Career Evolution
  • Shauna Vaughan on Knowing Your Job
  • Mathias Vermeulen on Motivation
  • Patrick Weir on Video
  • Lisa Whalen on Breaking Things Up and Using Prototypes
  • Michael Windelspecht on Using YouTube Analytics to Identify Potential Microlearning Topics

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