While our colleagues in the IT department started talking about SMAC technology (social, mobile, analytic, cloud) several years ago, it has only been in the last two or three years that these technologies have made their way into the vocabulary of most eLearning creators. It would be natural that until IT adopted them (or at least knew what they were), we weren’t going to be doing much with any of them.

The eLearning Guild, however, has been providing content in all these areas for some time now, and if you (or your managers) are coming up to speed with them, here are some resources for you to consider.

Conference Archive: Creating Effective Tribes: Performance Support Through Social. Julian Stodd. Session video (00:57:59). With Explore the role and purpose of social communities (“tribes”), as well as the differences between formal, visible tribes and hidden social ones. Julian offers a three-stage model of development: forming tribes, guiding them, and narrating the results, where we take the learning out and share it more widely. He also addresses issues of trust and integrity between organizations and individuals which are vital in the establishment and high functioning of these tribes. Associate Membership (free) or higher required for access. Join here.

Online Events Archive: Best of DevLearn: Building Your Organization’s Mobile Learning Strategy. Brenda Enders. Session video (1:15:32); handout available from sponsor). Explore the three phases of a mobile learning strategy process: strategic visioning, strategic roadmap and plan, and pilot strategy. The session examines how organizations are leveraging mobile within their learning strategies, how to document your mLearning strategic vision statement and gain stakeholder support to convert that statement into an actionable three- to five-year mobile learning strategy, and how to develop solid ideas for moving forward with mobile learning in your organization. Associate Membership (free) or higher required for access. Join here.

Research Library: 2015 LMS Reporting and Analytics Readiness Assessment Resources. The eLearning Guild. Infographic, assessment tool. The infographic examines the eight building blocks required for effective LMS reporting and analytics, from the soundness of your initial strategy and approach to the readiness of your infrastructure. The assessment tool helps interpret your LMS reporting and analytics readiness score and provides practical ideas and recommendations for your specific readiness level. Paid Guild Membership or higher required for access. Join here.

Publications Library: 53 Tips on Using the Cloud for eLearning. The eLearning Guild. eBook. The cloud has tremendous potential in the eLearning world, but there are so many choices; a little guidance can go a long way in making the most of this exciting technology. Should you use a public or private cloud? How can you make the online experience more seamless? How can you improve your bottom line? This complimentary eBook draws on the experience of 11 eLearning professionals who led sessions in The eLearning Guild’s June 2012 Online Forum, Using the Cloud for eLearning. Associate Membership (free) or higher required for access. Join here.