Everybody likes to look over the shoulders of their peers, to see what (and how) they are doing. This week, see how some of your fellow eLearning creators add interest to their projects to better engage learners, how others build multiple learning paths and scenarios, and finally learn that your work experience may be pretty similar to everyone else’s!

Learning Exchange: Guild Members at Work. Infographic. How does your experience at work compare to that of other Guild members? Fun infographic, and you might decide not to listen to rap or electronica while you work.

Learning Exchange: Articulate Storyline Tutorial: Customize Video Start Frames. David Anderson. Video (00:2:18). Create a custom poster frame designed to make a specific, immediate impression on your learner!

Learning Exchange: PowerPoint Tutorial: Sticker and Page Curl Effects. David Anderson. Video (00:03:10). Learn a quick and easy way to create page-curl sticker graphics in PowerPoint. 

Online Events Archive: Doing More with Adobe Captivate: Using Branch Aware Projects and JavaScript. Anastasia McCune. Session handout, video (00:58:34). Use two features to enhance your Adobe Captivate projects and expand the range of eLearning possibilities. In this webinar you will join Anastasia McCune, eLearning expert and Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI), to explore Branch Aware, which lets you create multiple learning paths through a project and track the success any single user has on whichever specific path that person takes. In addition, you’ll discover how you can use JavaScript from within Captivate. (Member Plus or Premium subscription required for access.)

Online Events Archive: Make ‘em Think—Preparing Tech Support for Real Calls with Scenario-based Exams. Ruth Ellen Heaton and Katie Metzler. Session handout, video (00:49:16). Regular exams only test with text-based questions and answers. Tech-support learners need to be able to picture what the customer is seeing when they answer a call. Scenario-based exams provide the avenue for learners to “show what they know” based on typical situations. In this session, learn how Intel used simulated content and scenarios to test the ability of tech-support team members to support the Intel Security product. (Member Plus or Premium subscription required for access.)

Want more? Come to DevLearn!

The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo is less than two weeks away, but there’s still time to register and book your flight to Las Vegas! We expect our largest registration ever for this event, and there’s an excellent reason for that: the program. Our program this year features:

You know you want to be there! Here’s the link to registration—see you in Las Vegas September 30!