While the term “performance support” is certainly not a new phrase, it has a new manifestation in the workplace thanks to the advances in smartphones and mobile apps. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that companies faced massive logistical problems when they had to update their staff members on new policies and practices. The productivity losses alone made classroom training sessions difficult to justify, other than out of necessity. Mobile performance support provides training when and where it is most convenient, and, once implemented, it pays for itself many times over.

Here are just a few of the major benefits of mobile performance support.

True knowledge on demand

One of the handiest things about the digital age is that almost everyone has a smartphone with them everywhere. While they are not ultra-powerful in terms of processing power, smartphones are reliable miniature computers that can easily meet the demands of today’s business applications. That includes all aspects of performance support as well. With responsive design features, you can also deliver performance support at a very favorable price-point and implement it across a wide network of employees at multiple locations.

Readily accessible on numerous platforms

One of the greatest benefits of mobile performance support is that you can design it to work with any of today’s popular digital devices. That means your employees can receive performance guidance at work from the iPhones, tablets, Android devices, or whatever portable devices they happen to have with them at the time. This makes it much more likely that they will access the information when it is needed. Of course, you can also make your performance support compatible with desktop computers as well so that your employees will have plenty of options when it comes to accessing information on the fly.

Audio and video enabled

Mobile performance support also makes audio and video files a viable option for supporting busy professionals. Since the information is available anywhere a network Wi-Fi signal is present, users can “brush up” on product information and other types of knowledge when needed.

Offline storage capabilities

Finally, mobile performance support works because users can store frequently used information on their smartphones and access it as needed. Without the need for constant network access, this makes knowledge bases accessible anytime, anywhere … even if your staff is pitching to a client in the middle of nowhere.