Bridging AI & Human Potential: Change Management Through L&D

Thursday, August 1, 2024 | 10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Free Webinar

This engaging webinar explores how Learning & Development teams can effectively bridge AI capabilities and human potential through positive change management. As organizations embrace AI, L&D professionals play a crucial role in guiding transformations that enhance both technological adoption and human skills.

Learn how to adapt traditional Change Management principles for the AI era, creating an approach that fosters excitement and continuous learning. Discover strategies for assessing organizational readiness, developing comprehensive AI literacy programs, and creating upskilling initiatives that complement AI capabilities. We'll explore methods to cultivate a culture of positivity and innovation while addressing common concerns about AI integration.

Key topics include:

  • AI's impact on workplace dynamics and the evolution of human roles
  • Adapting Change Management models for AI-driven transformations
  • Developing programs that enhance AI literacy and human skills
  • Fostering a positive, learning-oriented culture in the face of AI-driven change
Michelle Lenz

Michelle Lentz
Senior Learning Strategist
ELB Learning