Join our transformative 60-minute webinar tailored for corporate trainers focusing on advanced soft skills development. This session addresses the challenge of selecting appropriate training for diverse experience levels and aligning with high achievers' performance.

We'll unveil an effective strategy to map high achievers' key performance descriptors, crucial for setting organizational benchmarks. Learn to identify skill gaps among various experience levels—from intermediate to lower performers - rapidly and smartly.

The webinar highlights an intriguing case study demonstrating the impact of the award-winning AI Digital Role Play solution, SkillGym. Discover how it enhances performance through practical simulations.

Delve into SkillGym's methodology, using AI to create role plays based on high achievers' mental models. This innovative approach offers immersive skill-building experiences for all employees.

Furthermore, explore how to transform these insights into a powerful brief for GenAI, generating advanced AI digital role-plays. These simulations provide practical training opportunities, fostering effective skill development.

By attending this webinar, corporate trainers will gain invaluable insights into advanced training strategies, integrating AI to foster skill development and enhance performance across all levels of their organization. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your training approach and empower your team with the skills they need to succeed.