Creativity plays an essential role in the world of learning and performance. It gives learning professionals the tools to capture the possibilities posed by new technologies and produce inventive learning and performance solutions. Creativity can make the difference between a template-driven, by-the-numbers course and an engaging experience that learners want to participate in.

A common misconception is that creativity is a talent that people are born with. In truth, creativity is a skill, and it improves with focus and practice.

This complimentary eBook, 183 Tips on Sparking Design Creativity, includes insights on sparking creativity from members of the eLearning Guild community. This eBook can be consumed in a single sitting and looked back upon at times when you need a spark of inspiration to release your creativity. The enclosed tips fall into a number of categories and are sure to inspire the creative side of your design and development work. The topics include:

  • Broadening your views and knowledge
  • Challenging yourself to think differently
  • Finding sources for inspiration
  • Creating an environment of inspiration
  • Capturing design inspiration
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Getting unstuck
  • Making creativity a habit
  • Pushing boundaries