All the ideas in the world don’t matter if you can’t complete you eLearning project. If you don’t identify the core issues, find the right subject matter expert (SME), agree upon goals, build a good team, and keep the lines of communication open, your project faces an uphill climb.

We asked some of the most noted experts in the eLearning field to give us their best tips for managing both projects and SMEs. What follows are 65 hints from 11 contributors, focusing on topics such as defining the parameters of the project, the importance of sign-offs and written approvals, what to do when you’re out of resources, and what factors drive quality.

This complimentary eBook draws on the experience of top professionals who are leading sessions in The eLearning Guild’s July 2012 Online Forum, “Managing Projects and SMEs for eLearning: Proven and Practical Solutions.” Let their expertise guide you in areas including:

  • Dealing with Stakeholders and Planning Your Project
  • Choosing and Managing Your Team
  • Effective Communication
  • Challenges and Constraints
  • Quality Control