501 Training The Trainer: How We Empower SMEs to Increase Capacity

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Thursday, April 11

As your company scales, are you being asked to deliver more training without additional resources? It might be time to expand capacity by training your company's SMEs in effective training delivery.

This session explores steps you can take to help SMEs develop training facilitation skills. We will share our journey as we designed, deployed, and refined a program to prepare employees with extensive product knowledge, but not instructional experience, to deliver training sessions. We will discuss how we worked cross-functionally to integrate the program into the SME onboarding process to:

  • Ensure consistent and increased capacity for educating customers
  • Strengthen business relationships by bolstering interpersonal skills
  • Drive ROI for the company

You will leave this session with a plan to take your train-the-trainer program from idea through pilot to a fully developed program that leverages cross-functional partnerships to expand L&D capacity without additional headcount. We’ll also share proven methods of enabling SMEs to deliver training, pitfalls to avoid, and tips for marketing your program to SMEs.

Osa Edebiri

Product Trainer


Osa Edebiri is a product trainer and Scrum master at Quickbase. Her experience as a secondary school educator, combined with her master's degree in community organizing, planning, and development social work (CUNY Hunter College), influences her approach in creating and delivering engaging and impactful learning experiences tailored to the audience. Osa believes that learning doesn't have to be stale or predictable, but it can be fun and dynamic, no matter the topic. Prior to joining Quickbase, she had a successful career in college and career program management and volunteered with AmeriCorps for several years.

Tracy Prentiss

Senior Product Trainer


Tracy Prentiss has wide-ranging and deep experience in training design and delivery. A graduate of Princeton University with a concentration in psychology, her first teaching experience was as a TA for a required undergraduate statistics class while attending graduate school at Clark University, a college many students choose because it has no math requirement. Devising ways to make statistics understandable to math- averse students turned out to be an enjoyable creative challenge that sparked a career in corporate and customer training.

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