501 Get Them to Yes: Tools and Tactics to Get What You Need From Stakeholders

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Wednesday, February 14

It's a common scenario: You receive an urgent request from senior management to create a learning solution for a performance issue. The deadline is short, the details are limited, and the stakeholders aren't in agreement about the root cause of the problem. Working remotely has made employee access and collaboration even more important—and reaching consensus and streamlining processes a bit more challenging.

In this session you will learn simple strategies and tools to address the challenges of unclear communication, unrealistic timelines, and confusing expectations. Learn how to:

  • Use free tools like Google Forms and Excel at the onset of your projects to help stakeholders brainstorm and make decisions more effectively and efficiently
  • Leverage data from brainstorming to gain buy-in for your learning and design recommendations
  • Facilitate productive strategy meetings that end with clear decisions, defined actions, realistic deadlines, and greater buy-in from key stakeholders

Leave this session ready to implement these strategies and leverage these tools to help you gain the critical information you need while demonstrating to your managers your expertise as a strategic project manager.

Kandice Kidd

Certification and Online Learning Manager

American Association of Clinical Endocrinology

Kandice Kidd is a self-professed learning management and design enthusiast. Having been a successful one-person eLearning team, she is passionate about providing small learning teams with practical, immediate solutions to optimize performance. Kandice is a certification and online learning manager for the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology. She has worked in the association sector for the past 12 years, overseeing the design and development of digital learning initiatives and programs, managing teams, operationalizing learning strategies, and streamlining workflows and processes.

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