501 Mastering Project Management for eLearning: Unlocking SME Collaboration

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Thursday, November 16

Effective project management is crucial for successful eLearning development, but it can be particularly challenging when working with subject matter experts (SMEs). This session will delve into the intricacies of project management for eLearning and provide strategies for optimizing collaboration with SMEs. Join us to explore proven methodologies, tools, and best practices that will enable you to streamline your eLearning projects, ensure timely delivery, and extract the knowledge and expertise you need from SMEs.

This session aims to equip attendees with the skills and techniques necessary to navigate the complexities of eLearning project management and collaborate successfully with SMEs.

During this session, we will explore:

  • Project management fundamentals
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Collaborating with SME’s
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Leveraging tools and technologies
  • Best practices and case studies

Steph Curry

Sr. Learning Experience Designer

Northwestern Mutual Insurance – Wealth Management

Steph Curry, a senior eLearning experience designer and consultant, brings over 10 years of experience in successfully managing eLearning projects and collaborating with SMEs. Steph has a proven track record of delivering high- quality eLearning solutions on time and within budget. With a keen focus on effective project management methodologies and strong communication skills, Steph has consistently fostered productive relationships with SMEs to ensure the successful completion of projects. She is excited to share her expertise and practical insights with fellow professionals.

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