401 Peripheral Trends in L&D

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Wednesday, December 2

Not all trends are directly tied to an industry and some are not large enough to catch the eye of the majority of people. However knowing what is bubbling up and its proximity to the work we do now can help you make informed decisions on where to place your attention and begin the process of accommodating for new ideas or technologies to be included in your work and organization.

In this panel session, our select group of L&D leaders will explore various trends on the fringe of L&D, and those that are only just starting to enter our conversations. We’ll examine topics such as chatbots, voice activated assistants, learning engineering, machine learning, and more. Learn more of where these lesser-known tools and approaches are emerging, where they will likely be most useful, and their potential to disrupt organizational learning.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The technologies and tools that are permeating L&D
  • The new ideas and approaches emerging that are set to alter L&D
  • Where in the L&D industry the smaller trends will gain the biggest foothold
  • Where to look to learn more about the various trends impacting L&D

Scott McCormick


Emergent Enterprise

Scott McCormick is a national speaker, CEO, editor and writer. In a 30+ year career he has helped launched three companies including his current business, Emergent Enterprise. He has spoken at ATD CETS Showcase, Learnaplaooza, Augmented World Expo, LiveWorx, Realities360,, and XR Immersive Enterprise 2020. Scott speaks and consults on topics such as emergent technology adoption strategy and user experience and is editor of emergent-enterprise.com, the tech news and insight website. He was featured in the 2019 eBook, What is Augmented Reality? and has delivered strategy webinars and onsite presentations to leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and consulting.

Myra Roldan

Program Manager, Technical Curriculum

Amazon Web Services

Myra is an L&D thought leader who brings a unique mix of technical, business, and adult education expertise to the game. She is a TEDx speaker, author, and technical designer who has won awards for her learning designs. Her superpower is her natural ability to make complex technical subjects easy to understand by breaking them down in a way that makes it easy to consume and move forward with action. She strives to evoke transformation by doing her part to decolonize technology. Myra works at Amazon and she has earned a Bachelor of Computer Science, MSEd, and an MBA.

Jennifer Solberg


Quantum Improvements Consulting

Jennifer Solberg, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Quantum Improvements Consulting (QIC), an Orlando-based firm specializing in the application of emerging technology to training for complex skills. A cognitive psychologist by trade, her work focuses on how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate training technology for the Department of Defense and other clients. At QIC, she leads a growing team of learning science professionals. In addition to her many peer-reviewed publications, her work has been featured in The New York Times, the Pentagon Channel, and Signal Magazine.

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