701 The Virtual Classroom: Beyond 2020

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, December 3

Your journey with live online learning this year may have had many milestones—from being reticent to use virtual classrooms, then being desperate to move live online during the early lockdown. With more people working from home than ever before and the landscape of the office under the promise of change, does live online training need to change?

In this session, we'll re-examine the structure of pre-2020 training options to see if it still fits the needs of the organization and what digital training options might enhance it for a workforce that’s operating differently in 2021. We'll explore the 2020 live online learning journey of many organizations, including the problems, solutions, and opportunities it provided. We'll discuss techniques you can apply to make your training a better fit in 2021, including tips about how to design to help people focus. Regardless of where you started with live online learning and which stage you are at now, there are still challenges and opportunities for organizations, L&D teams, and individuals.

Jo Cook

Director of Research

Lightbulb Moment Limited

Jo Cook is a speaker, instructional designer, and classroom facilitator who specializes in virtual classrooms, webinars, and live online learning technology. Jo’s passion is in helping and supporting teams, professionals, and organizations embrace the benefits of the virtual classroom. Jo’s background includes further and higher education, the charity sector, and small and large organizations, including CNN News and Bupa International. Through her company, Lightbulb Moment, Jo has specialized in training learning professionals about virtual classroom design and delivery since 2013 and has spoken at conferences such as Learning Technologies, Online Educa Berlin, and keynoted for Colleges Wales and E-learning Fusion.

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