701 VR Analytics That Support Your Learning Goals

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Friday, July 24

VR provides unprecedented ability to gather data. But what data should we gather? How do we tie that data to learning? How do we use all this potential data to drive better learning and prove ROI?

By using VR's unique ability to introduce learning scaffolding, and tying that scaffolding to analytics, we are able to manage learning experiences and engage learners much more appropriately.

Hugh Seaton


Adept Reality

Hugh Seaton is GM of Adept Reality, a software company focused on using VR/AR in adult learning. Prior to Adept, Hugh founded AquinasVR, a VR/AR software company which he sold to the Glimpse Group, parent of Adept. Hugh’s focus, whether in immersive technologies, IoT or artificial intelligence, is on the intersection of learning science, creativity, and the cutting edge technologies that can bring learning to new levels of effectiveness.

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