401 How to Design Instructionally Effective Virtual Reality Experiences

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Thursday, July 23

Creating an exciting experience in the VR headset is only part of the solution. How do you ensure that the experience is instructionally effective? Most VR experiences barely scratch the surface of what we can produce. They are often passive documentaries and video with little, if any, interaction. The user is merely a bystander and not part of the experience. An effective VR learning solution goes much further to become a realistic and immersive experience that is based on sound pedagogy.

In this session, you will gain an understanding of the instructional design principles that work in a VR environment. You'll learn the techniques that are instructionally effective in VR and how to blend VR learning experiences with other instructional modalities. You'll learn how to create scenarios and activities that leverage the full 3-D world within VR. You'll learn techniques for scripting and storyboarding the learning experience. You'll learn when to mix video with CGI in the virtual space to enable practice and rehearsal that reinforce learning. The key takeaway for this session is to learn about an instructional framework, specifically crafted to leverage the potential of VR.

Bill West

President & Founder


Bill West is the founder of Regatta VR and vice president of Immersive Learning Solutions at NIIT Limited. His career spans Accenture, EY, GP Strategies, Xerox, LEO, Sea Salt Learning, and eLearning Brothers. He founded one of the world's first elearning companies in 2001 and has led the adoption of new technologies for the last 20 years. His expansive client list includes over 100 global companies and his teams have won more than 50 industry awards. He has presented many times at training industry events, on topics ranging from learning methods and game design to virtual reality and xAPI. He's also written two highly-acclaimed books on successful vendor partnerships. His teams have adapted the strongest ID methods into a cohesive methodology for VR design and development, including VR user experience design and xAPI data management.

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