701 Voice Technologies: Microlearning Beyond the Status Quo

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, September 19

Voice-controlled technologies like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home have become disruptive game­-changers in people's home lives. But they can disrupt the learning and development space as well, in particular for short microlearning experiences and support.

In this session, you'll discover ways to leverage voice technology to take microlearning beyond the status quo. You'll look at how to use the core concepts of voice user interface (VUI) development and learn basic VUI terminology. You'll discuss voice-based learning metrics and brainstorm what learning experiences we can create VUI for both Google Home and Alexa.

In this session you will learn:

  • How smart devices like Alexa and Google Home work at a high-level
  • Key voice design elements and their role in the process
  • How to design a voice user interface learning experience
  • Core principles and best practices of VUI design

Please note: The recording is not a  full functioning Adobe Connect recording, and therefore certain capabilities are not available.

Myra Roldan

Program Manager, Technical Curriculum

Amazon Web Services

Myra is an L&D thought leader who brings a unique mix of technical, business, and adult education expertise to the game. She is a TEDx speaker, author, and technical designer who has won awards for her learning designs. Her superpower is her natural ability to make complex technical subjects easy to understand by breaking them down in a way that makes it easy to consume and move forward with action. She strives to evoke transformation by doing her part to decolonize technology. Myra works at Amazon and she has earned a Bachelor of Computer Science, MSEd, and an MBA.

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