301 5 Ways to Create Standout Microlearning Videos

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Wednesday, September 18

With so many different programs available to quickly and efficiently create microlearning video, how do you choose the right one for your time frame or budget?

In this interactive session, you'll analyze five types of microlearning video: animated (using software such as GoAnimate), whiteboard animation, compiled video or screen capture (using software such as Camtasia), PowerPoint video, and traditional video. Get a breakdown of the costs, insight into the learning curves, and an exploration of the potential timeline of each medium. Look at scenarios to learn where one type of video might work better (or worse) than other options.


  • The various types of videos that can be used to create quick, effective, and engaging microlearning
  • How to properly budget time and resources for each type of video
  • The equipment or software needed to produce your video
  • The best style of video for communicating your particular learning objective

LaTarshia Wooten

Learning Experience Designer

LaTarshia Wooten is a learning experience designer with a background in communication and education media. She is passionate about helping others learn and understands the importance of reaching them on different platforms. She believes that learning should be fun, interactive, and provides value to the learner.

Julia Whaley

eLearning Developer

Cinecraft Productions

As an eLearning developer at Cinecraft Productions, Julia Whaley creates effective and engaging learning solutions. She enjoys developing scenario- and simulation-based training to help clients across various industries not only transfer knowledge, but transform learner behavior. A lifelong learner herself, Julia strives to master the skills and tools of her trade and continually add new ones to her arsenal as the learning landscape evolves. She studied media and design at James Madison University, and has been a speaker at multiple Learning Guild events.

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