It wasn’t too long ago that eLearning designers wanting to build interactive courses were forced to choose between one of two realities: a blissful illusion of interactivity, or the painful truth that interactivity required advanced programming skills. That’s no longer the case because today’s eLearning tools make it easy for anyone to design interactivity.

This session is all about deconstructing the best corporate eLearning, multimedia journalism, and interactive infographics. Participants will learn the three most common types of interactivity and learn creative ways to apply interactivity in their own courses.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The basic elements of interactivity
  • Rapid instructional design models that you can build with any authoring program
  • How to evaluate and design the right interactivity
  • How to reuse interactive widgets and customize them for new clients and projects


Session Video