Non-training experts with little or no budget need simple tools, simple technologies, and straightforward processes. But with the right twist, even a simple plan can produce outstanding learning. Session participants will learn the importance of style standards and templates, learn how to manage the non-stop demand for new courses, and get practical tips on managing subject matter experts (SMEs) and out-of-control content all while using a rapid-development process that still leaves a bit of room for some fun. You’ll learn how, with the right plan, even a small team can achieve stellar results.

In this session, participants will learn simple techniques for guiding their small team to great results even if they are relatively new to the field of learning and development. You’ll get straightforward, easy-to-apply advice; examples of tools, templates, and processes that you can use to guide the process; and plenty of takeaways to make your learning easy to apply at your own organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Technologies, tools, and templates that simplify the design and development process
  • Strategies for managing the non-stop demand for new courses
  • How to apply rapid-design and -development techniques to get great results fast
  • Strategies and workflow processes for managing your SMEs
  • Some free and inexpensive tools
  • Tips and examples for incorporating “a little extra” into your courses
  • How to ensure quality and integrity in your courses despite a rapid-development process