eLearning Development Is Like Changing the Tires on a Moving Truck

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Online Forums 2012 - September 13, 2012
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Kevin Thorn

Chief NuggetHead
NuggetHead Studioz

The eLearning industry as a whole is a pretty fast-moving environment. From new technologies and systems to new authoring tools and methods, it takes a lot of energy just to keep up. In all, the speed to market for training a geographically dispersed workforce will probably always remain fast. How can eLearning professionals keep current in development and implementation methods when that “truck” never slows down?  
Participants in this session will examine several current eLearning-development methods and try to foresee what’s coming down the road. You'll also look at current eLearning-related technologies and strategies, and try to sort out which are relevant today and which are ready for the junkyard. Wherever you are on your eLearning road trip, you’ll start this Online Forum with important things to consider on your trip.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About proven eLearning development methods and strategies
  • The eLearning tools and technologies that are most relevant today
  • How to add an eLearning implementation strategy to your workflow


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