A lot of eLearning project estimation is really just speculation. How can you tell a certain module will take four days to build if you haven’t discussed it at length with a SME? How do you estimate a project when someone else will be developing the deliverables? Estimates go wrong all the time, leaving customers unhappy and you without the time and resources you need?

Participants in this session will explore how Agile estimation and release planning can help you keep eLearning project management simple, effective, and flexible. You’ll see how to separate the notions of requirement size and development time so you can effectively manage customer expectations about cost and schedule. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to involve your entire team in estimation and release planning, and why this helps to better balance project risk and creates a sense of collective ownership.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use story points to estimate eLearning projects
  • How to use the notion of velocity to plan releases with your customer
  • How to involve your entire team in estimation and release planning
  • How to contingency plan
  • How to factor for scope and velocity variation
  • How to adjust your plan when things aren’t ideal