It's a daunting task to step into an unfamiliar subject area and write an eLearning course. You might have access to a SME, but one with limited availability. When you do get a SME’s time, you need to build credibility for your own skillset and maximize the information you get. Where do you start? What questions do you ask? Too many eLearning professionals fumble and stumble their way through SME interviews and don’t get the information they need before their time is up. An unstructured approach rarely works.

Participants in this session will learn about a proven methodology you can use before, during, and after SME interviews. Using this methodology and the forms that come with it helps ensure you get all the content you need in an efficient manner, avoids the need to go back to SMEs again and again, and earns you credibility and buy-in from your SMEs and their managers.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Steps to take before you interview a SME
  • How to use a template to conduct an efficient and successful SME interview
  • A method for documenting and verifying the content you’ve obtained from SMEs
  • Tips for building your credibility when working with SMEs