Many organizations expect SMEs to support multiple eLearning projects simultaneously. But too often, different projects pull SMEs in multiple directions, with each project attempting to monopolize a SME to meet its specific needs at the expense of other projects. With the new world of work — multiple projects, temporary resources, constantly changing requirements — SMEs are caught in the middle.  How can your organization’s SMEs remain productive and resilient when faced with unruly project managers making insane requests?

Whether you are a SME yourself or you work with SMEs (or even if you’re one of those unruly project managers), this session will show how you can help overworked SMEs. Participants in this session will explore ways SMEs and their advocates can lead and influence the people around them who attempt to re-do a SME’s performance goals to benefit only their own projects. Taking the SME’s point of view, you’ll examine three areas that drive productive teams: 1) how teams create change-driving pushback and negative emotions that are normal and manageable; 2) how each SME brings strengths and blind spots to every interaction and can use those strengths and blind spots to improve collaboration; and 3) how the emotions of churn, in the absence of awareness and regulation, drive poor decision making.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About common project pain points for SMEs
  • How non-SMEs can (and should) advocate for SMEs
  • How teams can maximize SME and overall team productivity while maintaining sane workloads and avoiding poor decision making
Note: PMI-certified participants in this sesson are eligible to earn one PDU towards maintaining PMP certification.