Some organizations find their requirements don’t match the functions delivered by traditional learning management systems (LMSs). These organizations need significantly more flexibility and more control over the learner experience. In many ways, these organizations  want a custom learning website where the trackable learning content (such as SCORM packages) is just a component of something else.

Participants in this session will discuss these challenges and explore how to use a cloud-based SCORM service such SCORMCloud to integrate learning into websites that perform other functions. You’ll review a case study of the problem, solution methods, and the actual solution developed for a Fortune 200 medical-device company. You’ll learn why the medical-device company selected this solution, how the solution was implemented, and why the solution has been so compelling.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How you can use SCORMCloud to integrate trackable learning into any website
  • How to leverage the power and flexibility of WordPress for learners and learning
  • About real-world practical concerns to consider when starting a SCORMCloud integration
  • About social obstacles you might encounter within your organization as you move outside the LMS